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Online gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes for players from all over the world, and with many sites offering realistic games, players can feel like they have just stepped into a land casino setting. At Casino VR Poker, players will enjoy a virtual reality experience as they play amazing games just like they would at their favorite land casino. The experience is like no other and the games are presented in a way that make the as realistic as possible for being an online game. With these virtual games, player will play Texas Hold’Em with other players from all over the world. This is a great way to gain exposure as a new player and can also benefit those that have played before as players can interact and share tips and strategies on how to improve.

What is VR Poker?

Virtual reality games have become an appealing option for gamers as they deliver a life like experience. At Casino VR Poker, one will enjoy this same type of experience while playing classic casino games. The site does focus on the offering of poker, but Casino VR Poker also plans to continue updating what is offered and will soon be presenting players with all types of casino games. With a registered account, anyone can start enjoying the great games and chances to win virtual poker chips.
Get ready to enjoy a poker game where one can chat with other players and even be served virtual drinks as they play! This site is loaded with amazing options and will surely become a preferred option for those seeking a realistic poker experience. At Casino VR Poker, players will also benefit from a variety of bonus offers, such as tournament play, that can boost their account balances and will find many types of games that will suit their gambling needs. The games can be played for free, which is perfect for those that are just getting started.

Casino VR Poker started offering poker games online in 2014 and within just a few years, it has become one of the most accessed sites for many players. The goal is to bring players a complete gambling experience from a virtual standpoint while offering the chance to compete with players of all skill levels. With multiplayer options and a wide variety of poker games, Casino VR Poker delivers an amazing experience that cannot be found at standard online casinos. Here, virtual reality games are presented, taking players to the next level of online gambling.

Get ready to experience a unique gambling experience with Casino VR Poker. This site takes gambling to new heights and provides a feeling of truly playing the game with others. Instead of watching computerized games and graphics, players will appreciate a true casino setting, where they will see and hear all types of casino action. This site is loaded with poker action from standard games to great tournaments with massive payouts, so prepare for one of the most exhilarating poker experiences online at Casino VR.

Combining the action of online poker with the thrills of playing with live players, Casino VR has done a great job with game presentation and with the creation of a true atmosphere that any poker player will appreciate. The game controls are superb and the visual presentation will take players to a whole new level of online gaming.

Virtual Reality Poker Experience

The goal of Casino VR is to provide players with a virtual reality poker experience that brings then as close to the action of a real game as possible. By using virtual reality devices, the site is able to do this and with great games on hand, poker fans all over the world can play the game from home while feeling like they are in a casino setting.

This virtual reality poker experience is like no other and it brings a new meaning to online gambling. Players will be able to find a relaxing and fun atmosphere where they can play with friends online and compete for the pot. With leaderboards and great tournament action, there is something for everyone at Casino VR and poker is just one of the games being offered.

Casino VR offers six different Texas Hold Em games that can be enjoyed in a virtual reality poker experience and there is cross compatibility between GearVR and Oculus VR. The site allows players to choose avatars to represent themselves at the table and these will mirror all head and body movements made by the actual player. To make sure that members are always getting the best virtual reality poker experience, Casino VR is always updating the site and adding new features to create an even more realistic atmosphere for all players that have joined.

With the use of virtual reality technology, Casino VR has successfully merged online gaming with casino gaming, all offered in one at the site. As soon as players sign up and take a seat at one of the poker tables, they will feel like they are in a real casino. There is the ability to interact with all other players just as they would in a casino setting and they can even enjoy the virtual drinks that are served at the tables. With all of this, Casino VR presents the best virtual reality poker experience possible and is always striving to improve the features and functions at the site.

How to Get Started

To get into the action and enjoy virtual reality games, players will visit the Casino VR site and will select download, which is located at the top right of the page. This will install the software to the computer being used. The download appears in a Zip file and players will have to open this and install it before getting started. It is also possible to access the Virtual app on the Casino VR Facebook page. Here, players will just click on Play Now and will be directed to the Casino VR site to enjoy great poker action.
As soon as players are ready to play and have the software downloaded or have accessed the app, they will choose an avatar to represent themselves at the poker tables. Since the poker games that are offered are only in a free mode, some gamblers will frown upon the fact they cannot win real money. However, as one of the first virtual reality poker sites operating, the free play is a great way to get players comfortable with a virtual gaming experience. The Casino VR poker games can be enjoyed through the Oculus store for Gear VR users as well as through the main website for Rift users.

As soon as an account is created, players will be granted a set number of virtual chips. They can win more chips by playing in games and tournaments or they can purchase chips for virtual money. Again, no real money payouts will be granted for any winning hands, however, player can win chip bonuses and even VR gear that they can use to enjoy the game. When players log in, they will see the main screen, which will display their username and eh current chip balance. There will also be three choices, Events, Play or Tutorial. Experienced players who have visited the site already or know how to play Texas Hold’Em may wish to jump right in, while others may benefit from the tutorial, which will provide a preview of what the site has to offer. The events tab is where all of the latest tournaments and special events will be listed.

When players choose Play, they will be presented with the available tables, which will vary in bet amounts and blinds. They will simply click on an available table to join the game. If the table is full, which happens when there are six active players, the table is closed and is not offered. If players join in the middle of a game, they will have to wait for that game to finish before they can start enjoying the action.

All of the games at Casino VR are multi-player games, so the game will start automatically when two or more players sit at the table. As the games take place, all player moves will appear in text on the screen and players can look at the chips on the table to see how many remaining chips others have, which can help with the decision to go all in on certain hands.

The virtual reality poker games that are featured at the site can only be played by those that have VR gear. This includes the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift from Facebook. These pieces of equipment are what make the virtual reality experience possible. New players who are just starting to enjoy the action at Casino VR will benefit from a tutorial when they sign up. This will tell them how they can access games, how to earn chips, how to wager, how to communicate with others and anything else that may happen during a session at the site.

Poker Tournaments

Just about every player that enjoys the thrills of poker, either online or in a land casino will benefit from taking part in tournaments. At Casino VR Poker, there are great events that are always being scheduled. While these may not offer the chance to win real money, they do provide a great opportunity to win virtual reality equipment and more chips to enjoy other poker games at the site.
This amazing VR site is loaded with tournament action and there are always updated leaderboards so players know exactly where they stand. There are events scheduled every day of the week and these are all listed under the Tournaments section of the site. To take part in any listed event, players will have to download and install the Casino VR software and have a created account. They can then join any tournaments and have their chance to place on the leaderboard. Players will see all available tables and will also be able to choose tables based on blind amounts and ante amounts. This provides players with any chip balance to still enjoy poker action in tournament style.

All tournaments offer an exciting game of virtual Texas Hold Em and they are all multi-player games, where one will compete against others for the largest amount of chips when the event comes to an end. Those with the most chips will be placed on the leaderboard where they can collect some great prizes for taking part in the tournament.

This is one of the most amazing ways for any player to enjoy the thrills of poker online without any financial risk. The free events can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels and they can even help newer players develop the skills and strategies they need to become successful Hold Em players. Despite the lack of real money rewards, there are still a number of benefits to playing virtual reality poker tournaments. Players will enjoy real time games with real players and will view the tables like never before. The entire experience is one that will surely keep players coming back for more poker action.

In addition to the scheduled tournaments that are held daily, Casino VR also offers special events, which are often announced on the Facebook and Twitter feeds. These events are open to anyone with an account with Casino VR and they can result in some hefty chip wins and the receipt of some amazing prizes.

Varieties of Poker Games

Casino VR is a very new site, so the offering of game varieties is not like with other sites that have online poker games. Here, there is just Texas Hold’Em. There are six different tables that can be enjoyed as well as a huge array of tournaments and special events. As the site gains more in popularity, it will start offering additional poker variations as well as casino games that are all VR games. These games can be enjoyed with VR glasses so that players get the true feeling of playing Texas Hold Em without ever having to leave the comforts of their home.

Even though the only game offered is Hold Em, the site is an attractive option for many players. This is one of the most popular versions of poker being played today and it is the game of choice for those that enjoy tournament action. Since the games are all free to play, new players can enjoy the game as well, though they may benefit from doing some research and learning the exact rules before they start playing with other players who may have more experience.

How to Play Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold Em is one of the most popular versions of poker being played in land casinos and online casinos, and at Casino VR, players will enjoy a virtual reality version of this game. The game is not too difficult to learn and there are many casino sites where players can benefit from free versions of the game. Many of these will also offer game tutorials to walk player through every step of the game so they have a full understanding.
Before every round of Texas Hold Em, blinds will be posted to start the wagering. If the game did not use these, no player would be required to place any wager, so the pot would never increase. When playing in tournaments like those that are offered at Casino VR, the blinds can be raised at regular intervals to increase the overall pot amount. As the number of players decrease in the tournament, the blinds will continue to increase. The player that is to the left of the button will post the small blind on the table and the player to their left will post the big blind. Usually, the small blind amount is half of the big blind.

When playing a game of Texas Hold Em, players will all be dealt two cards that are face down. These are the hole cards. After these are received, players will enter a round of betting, where they can choose to Bet, Check or Fold the game. This initial stage of betting is called the pre-flop and the choices will all depend on the two cards that have been dealt.

Once the betting round comes to an end, there will be three cards dealt to the middle of the table. These are community cards and are used by every player to create the best poker hand. This round of play is called the flop. This is then followed by another round of betting and a fourth community, or shared card is dealt, referred to as the turn. Another round of betting will occur and a final shared card is dealt. This is finally followed by the last round of betting.

The best ranking hand will be created using the two cards that were initially dealt and the five cards that are displayed in the middle of the table. The goal is to get the best five card hand to collect a payout.

There are two ways in which a hand of Texas Hold Em can end. The first is when players turn over their hole cards and the player with the best ranking hand wins. This is called the showdown. The other way for the game to end is for someone to increase the bet so that all other players fold at the table. In many games, this is how the game will win, so it is not always necessary to have the best hand. Some players will simply out bet others so they have an advantage by forcing players to fold if they do not believe they have a strong enough hand to win.

When it comes to the betting rounds, the amount of a raise will depend on the type of Texas Hold Em that is being played. If it is a Limit game the amount of the raise can only be as high as the big blind. When playing Pot Limit games, the amount cannot exceed the pot size. With No Limit Hold Em, players are free to raise any amount to the maximum of their chip balance.

Strategies and Tips for Texas Hold Em

Most players who enjoy Texas Hold Em have played other versions of poker in the past, but his game is played a bit differently since there are community cards in play. To be successful, players will often make use of game strategies that can give them a slight advantage at the tables. Strategies will come in handy when playing VR Poker, especially if players are involved in one of the hosted tournaments.

There is a basic strategy used whenever players are enjoying Texas Hold Em and that involves knowing how many hands to play, how much to bet, whether players should raise, call or fold and playing with players of equal skill levels. To be a successful Texas Hold Em player, players must first completely understand the rules of the game, as explained above. It is a simple process, though many new players get too eager and will bet or raise when they should not. By knowing how strong a hand is and knowing the odds regarding the strength of other hands at the table, players can make the right decisions and have a successful poker outing.

Know Hand Rankings
When playing live Hold Em poker, players can make use of tells form other players, such as eye movements, body language and the such. These are not usable when playing online or virtual reality poker, so players have to rely on other strategies to keep them in the game. While player cannot alter the outcome of any hand, they can make the right betting decisions to preserve the bankroll and win more hands. The cards that are dealt cannot be changed, so players have to make the best of their two card hand and the five cards on the table. The essential thing here is knowing the hand rankings and the odds of a player having a better hand.

Understand the Value of Suited Cards
One thing that many new players do is overrate the value of a suited hand. Flushes are actually not that common in the game of Texas Hold Em and if the two suited cards are small, the chances are high that the hand will be lost. Suited hands only improve the hand by 2%, so this is far too small to call pre-flop raises. When a hand contains small suited cards, it is better to fold the hand.

Table Position
With Texas Hold Em, the position at the table is very important. The best position is when a player is the last one to act at the table. With this position, players can gain knowledge of how others are playing their hand and they can even have an idea of what cards the players are holding before it is even their turn to bet. A good position in the game can turn a losing hand into one that wins.

Always avoid bluffing and playing too many hands. Both of these can lead to multiple losses without having the chance to recoup anything. Using basic strategies can enhance the game and make anyone a better poker player. They are not actual game strategies, but tips that can be the difference between being a winner or a loser at the table. These are especially important when playing virtual reality games since the players are live players and the games often have high stakes.

Virtual Casino Games

In addition to the offering of virtual poker, players can expect virtual casino games to start becoming widely available. These games will present just as they do in a land casino, offering players a true gambling experience right from home or their mobile device. The virtual reality industry is starting to grow and become more recognized and with so many players seeking a realistic gaming experience, these types of casino games will surely be huge hits.

We already have virtual reality poker, but with the use of VR apps and equipment, players will soon be playing all sorts of casino games in a virtual setting. These can include fun filled slot games, popular card games like blackjack and table games like Craps and Roulette. At Casino VR, the only games offered at this time are Texas Hold Em games, but the site does plan to expand in the future to offer different kinds of casino games as well. These will remain free games that are played for virtual chips and money, but they will be quite entertaining, taking players from their home and delivering them to a casino setting like never before.
The offering of virtual reality casino games seems far off in the future, but leading software developers are already working on these types of games. In fact, they have come pretty close with the offering of live dealer games that are in some online casinos already.

With these games, players play along with a live game that is simulcast through the web browser. These games make use of professional real dealers and real players are seated at the table. While the 3D visual appearance may lack, players do have the ability to socialize with others, which is one of the major things that lack with online gambling. With standard games, players are limited to chat sessions on the screen, but with live dealer games, they can interact with players and dealers and can even offer tips for those great hands that have been dealt.

Benefits of Virtual Poker Games

Casino VR offers great poker games and these can provide players with multiple benefits. While a number of players will prefer to play live games at a land casino, many are starting to enjoy what is offered online, especially the latest virtual reality poker games. With virtual reality poker, there is the ability to offer three dimensional and augmented reality worlds where players can experience a simulated casino setting. With the chance to enjoy multi-player poker games, VR poker provides a completely new way to play the game with new levels of interaction and excitement. Players will wear head mounted VR glasses and equipment and will be transported to a virtual casino, where they will enjoy all the sights and sounds involved in land casino games, just like they were playing for real.

Virtual reality games will be appealing to the younger generation and with many players looking for the most realistic gaming experience online, these types of games will be the top choice as they become more popular. Online casinos have already introduced live dealer games, which add a social component. The ability to chat with players re dealers enhances the experience. With Virtual reality poker and casino games, there is that same social interaction combined with a realistic atmosphere. Players can look through their glasses to view all areas of the casino to watch what else is going on. It is truly the next best thing to visiting a land casino and playing classic games. At Casino VR, the poker games are simply amazing and while the avatar heads are a bit comical, players get the feeling of being in a real poker setting playing with others, something standard online poker games cannot offer.

The main benefit of playing VR poker is the ability to play at any time from home. Players do not need to travel to a land casino to enjoy their favorite games. At Casino VR, the virtual poker games are free to play and involve no real money, but there are other sites where real money is wagered and won. No matter what type of poker game players are seeking, playing online definitely offers more convenience and provides a relaxed atmosphere.

Less Stress and Pressure
When playing in a virtual setting, players will not feel the same pressure from others if they were to play at a land casino. There are also fewer distractions, allowing players to focus more on their hands and make the right betting decisions. Many new players suffer from stress when they are at the tables with experienced players, always afraid of making the wrong move. With virtual reality games, players will not feel this pressure, leading to a more enjoyable poker experience.

Enhanced Realism
When players access Casino VR Poker, they will still be playing online, but will be enjoying a game that is much more realistic than those offered at standard online casinos. Virtual reality games are played in real time and players will have the benefit of interacting with others. They can also select avatars to personalize their experience. The virtual reality setting will place players in a casino setting that is very realistic, offering a feeling of visiting a land casino without having to leave home. The game is also presented in 3D for a great visual effect.

Learn from Others
One of the great things about virtual reality poker is the ability to talk through a microphone with players at the table. These chats can lead to the gathering of great information on how to play the game at a better level. Many players will eagerly offer assistance to beginners and with the chance to socialize, players can pick up useful tips and game strategies so they can become better players overall.

No Financial Risk
At Casino VR Poker, the games are not being played for real money. Players will have the ability to buy chips, but they can also earn them for free to keep playing games and entering tournaments. Since there is no financial risk, players can enjoy the game in a safe setting with no worries. While this may not appeal to more experienced players. The free games are a great way for players to first experience virtual poker and enjoy the thrills of the game without losing any real money.

VR Poker Drawbacks

While there will surely be many great experiences for players with the VR glasses used to play these poker games, players also need to be aware of some of the possible drawbacks of playing virtual reality poker. The games are so real that they can become very addicting. If players cannot manage their time well, this can have a serious effect on personal and professional lives. Even though Casino VR does not yet offer real money wagering, if it does happen, players will most likely be inclined to spend more time gambling than they would at a land casino, leading to financial issues if they do not set a strict budget and adhere to it.
Another downfall is the cost of the VR equipment which is not always cheap. Since these games will all require the use of a headset and glasses, many players may not be able to access the VR games until they can afford the proper supported equipment.

Customer Support at Casino VR

The Casino VR site is one of the newest operating online, so many players may have questions or concerns when playing. There is a great FAQ section that is offered at the main site and here, some of the commonly asked questions are answered. This is a great starting point for most players. However, some players may require additional assistance. At Casino VR, the goal is to provide the best possible virtual reality experience, so there is customer support available.

Unlike online casinos, the support methods are a bit limited. There is no live chat offered at the site yet and there is no phone support. The only form of support is through email, which can be obtained by sending an email inquiry to The support team will answer all emails promptly and will provide professional and timely support so that players can get back to playing amazing virtual reality poker games from the comfort of home.
The customer support team strives to offer fast and friendly service at all times. Of players need any information in how to sign up, how to access games and tournaments or any other general site information, a customer service rep will answer emails quickly so that players can get all the info they need to enjoy a thrilling VR poker experience at the site.

Keeping Up to Date

Casino VR has a great Twitter feed where they will announce all special offers. Since Casino VR is not being featured on the Oculus Store, players can benefit from the ability to buy as many as 50,000 chips. In addition to that, users who log into the site as a guest will receive 5,000 chips completely free just for verifying their email address. The Twitter site will also announce special tournaments, like the Superturbo Poker Tournament that is now available, offering $20,000 in chips to eh first place winner.

For those that are looking for the latest updates, the Twitter feed is the best place to go. There is also a Facebook page, where players can access the Casino VR site through the link provided and play using their Oculus Gear. Casino VR is always spreading the word about the latest events and the best ways to collect chips, so watch for all social media updates in addition to the Blog and Events menu on the main site.