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Virtual Reality Poker is the new online casino sensation, taking the casino industry by storm. The game is already changing the online gaming industry in a number of ways including supporting multi-players who can play the games through Virtual Reality devices such as Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. With VR Poker on casino sites like Poker VR, who is one of the most well known poker sites online and Casino VR, you can now transport yourself to poker games, play poker from the comfort of your home, and meet poker players from all over the world! Moreover, you can engage yourself in a chit chat as you make new friends and form new poker competitors in the Virtual Reality Poker casinos. Click here for a quick sneak peek of what’s in for you as you look forward to playing VR Poker games.

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While Virtual Reality poker is played in innumerable forms, understanding the values of the poker hands and the basic rules involved in playing poker will give you an upper hand while playing VR Poker. By clicking here, you will watch a five minute detailed tutorial on how you can play Poker. Take note that the poker rules demonstrated in the video hold for all the VR Poker games. You also need an account to play VR poker online.

To sign up for a Virtual Reality Poker account, visit any of the virtual reality poker casinos and click on the “Signup” button located on the homepage. Unlike other registration processes, you will only be able to join any of the VR Poker event at the site. Select an event at, one of the leading Virtual Reality Poker websites. will send you an email address requesting you to confirm your email address.

The most likely reason could be as a result of heavy traffic to online VR casino. Given that most of the VR casinos are new to the gaming industry, they are yet to completely set up their services to accommodate a huge number of players online at any given time. They are however working effortlessly to see that the bandwidth is updated to prevent such problems in the future.

In some instances, emails sent by the online virtual reality casinos might contain typos, and there are instances, though very few where they don’t send the verification emails. Sometimes, they send the emails but instead, different email service providers’ software recognizes the email as spam. Consequently, they are stored in the spam folder instead of your inbox. Please check your spam folder and contact Poker VR customer care if the confirmation email is not there.

According to the United Kingdom Gambling rules, you have to be an adult of 18 years and above to participate in any form of real money gambling activity. However, players who are 16 years and above can play the VR Poker games for fun.

To upload any verification document, you will be required to click on the “upload button” under the account verification section, upload and the document(s) shall be sent to the casino’s verification team. Alternatively, you can take photos of your verification document and email the documents to the support team, who will later forward them to the respective department. This process usually takes a long time due to the procedures involved.

No, according to terms and conditions governing the various VR Poker websites, you are only allowed to have one account. This is to ensure that your security, as well as the game’s integrity, is upheld. Instead of the new account, you can request the VR online casino to help you reset your password.

VR Poker websites have a feature that helps players who cannot remember their passwords or user names recover them. Once you are on the websites’ home page, follow the steps below to get a new password:
Click on the “Login or Forgot Password” button. This will prompt you to provide some details that you used to register your account, in most cases an email address.
Once you’ve entered the required information, click on the “Submit details” to receive an email address with the password reset link.
Click on the link to set your new password.

The number of sit and go VR Poker tournaments that you can participate in at any given time is limited. In the past, there are players who would sign up to multiple tournaments, as fast as the tournaments appeared on the system, and failed to play in all of them. Consequently, the VR Poker casinos set the maximum limit at three tournaments at a go.

If you are having a difficult time finding the tournament that you’ve registered to, please click on the “Tools” button and select the “My Games & Tickets” option > “Registered in Tournaments”. This will work for most of the VR Casinos.
In other casinos, simply click on the “My Account” button and select “Registered in Tournaments” button to view any active tournament.

Yes. To view the history of hands that you’ve played, please click on the “previous” button which you can access from your table. Alternatively, you can access the hand history by clicking on the “More” menu, then click on the “Setting & Tools” button and “Requests” to see the hand history option. Click on the button to view your hand history.

Most of the VR Poker casinos have an option where you can mute rude and abusive players. To do this, simply click on the player’s VoIP button inside the VR casino. This will automatically mute and block the player from accessing your profile. Remember, to promote safe and secure virtual reality gaming experience, you are advised to report such players. In most cases, they will have their accounts suspended or deactivated after 5-10 complaints.

Yes, you can. To talk to other players in the casino, simply swipe up on the touchpad with your headphones still connected and turn on your microphone. This will enable you to talk to people sitting beside you or the players on your table. Talking to the other players will make the VR experience at Poker VR much more authentic.

Usually, the VR casino software saves all the data and progress that you’ve made when playing VR Poker. Once you are logged back to your account, you can pick up from where you left off. This also applies if you are suddenly interrupted due to internet connection or your browser crashes.

To enjoy playing Virtual Reality Poker, your PC must meet the following set of recommended system requirements:
Graphics Processing Unit: AMD Radeon R9 290, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 equivalent or better
Central Processing Unit: An AMDFX 8350, Intel Core i5 or later
RAM: At least 4GB
USB Ports: 3.0
Video Output: Display 1.2 or better, HDMI 1.4
Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP 1
To check if your PC meets the aforementioned system requirements, you are advised to download the Oculus or SteamVR performance test software by clicking here.

Yes, you can. However, you will miss out on a number of Virtual Reality poker features. It’s for this reason that you are highly recommended to purchase a PC that meets all the mentioned features. If you wish to purchase a PC that has already been tested and tuned to provide optimised performance while playing VR Poker be aware of what you need to do to prepare your PC and obtain the best VR experience.

No, you will not be able to play VR Poker games with your MacBook. Currently, most of the VR devices are only compatible with PCs. However, there is a rumour that Apple is working on producing their first ever Virtual Reality devices that will be available for sale by the end of 2017.

Most of the prescription glasses perfectly fit inside the virtual reality headsets. For Oculus Rift and Vive, the current VR devices widely used by players, a prescribed glass frame width of 142 mm and height of 50 mm will perfectly fit in the VR device.

To correctly wear your VR glasses, follow the following steps:

  • Loosen the devices’ top straps as well as the side straps
  • Gently hold the VR headset against your face, over your prescribed glasses
  • Pull the loosened straps over the back of your head in a smooth motion
  • Adjust the straps until they fit comfortably
  • Take note that you shouldn’t use the VR headset or glasses if they don’t fit over your frames or if they touch the lens of the VR device’s lest they leave the lens scratched. For further information on how to adjust your device’s strap. Click here.

Virtual Reality Poker games have been developed in a manner that they are compatible with most of the VR software and device providers. However, for compatibility and efficient performance, you are highly advised only to download and use software and devices specified by the VR Poker website.

You have to be connected to the computer to play VR poker games. If you computer does not support HDMI or lacks a spare HDMI port, you can easily use a Mini DisplayPort cable to connect your VR device to your PC. You will have to purchase the Mini DisplayPort cable as the company does not provide it.

Firmware updates are the crucial and improved features made on the VR device to fix any bugs. To update your firmware, follow any of the two procedures below:

  • If you are using a Vive VR device, check if the firmware is out of date by clicking on the SteamVR status window and click on “Check for software upgrade” to check for any new software. If there is any new update to the firmware, you will be informed. Select the update option to start updating the firmware.
  • Alternatively, click on the drop down menu > Devices > Update Firmware to start updating the firmware.

Take note, as they firmware updates, you should not unplug any power cable(s) or the micro-USB that connects your computer and hardware. By doing this, you are likely to receive a firmware error.

For optimum gaming experience, you are discouraged from doing so. When marking the boundaries of the Virtual Reality Poker playing area, you have to ensure that the floor is cleared of any furniture. This is to avoid any accident when you are caught up in the gaming action.

Even with a room-scale setup, you can easily use the various VR applications that have been designed for standing or seated-only experiences. All you have to do is ensure that your controllers and headset have been tracked within the play area.
To reset or set the seated position while playing Virtual Reality poker, follow the steps below:

  • Press, the system button on the Virtual Reality device, to pop the system dashboard up
  • Select the General option
  • Select the reset seated position and follow the prompts to complete the resetting process

Green is the standard colour to indicate that things are running normally in all electronic devices. Other colours that you are likely to see when using your headset include dim green when your headset is in standby mode and red when you encounter an error when using your headset.

As mentioned, the red status light indicates an error. This could be as a result of a number of reasons. If you see the red light, try any of the following methods to see if the issue will be resolved.

  • Unplug and plug back the power cable into the socket to restart the link box
  • Disconnect and reconnect the VR devices’ 3 in 1 cable that is connected to the link box
  • Countercheck to ensure that all the cables linking your computer and the link box are properly connected. You may have to disconnect and reconnect if need be.

To troubleshoot the problem, proceed as follows:
Plug in your USB cable connecting the Virtual Reality device into a different port to confirm that the problem is as a result of a dysfunctional USB port. If so, manually update your USB drivers on your PC. You can do this by visiting the official website of your PC and downloading the USB drivers straight to your PC. This should fix the USB port problem and enable you play Virtual Reality Poker comfortably.

If you are using an Oculus Rift headset device to play VR Poker, the following could be probable solutions to the error message:

  • Try using a different port on your PC. If your PC has 2.0 USB ports, you could be having a problem in the tracking reliability between the sensor and Oculus Rift headset.
  • Update your USB drivers to effectively play the games. Go to for steps on how to update your USB drivers.
  • If you have conflicting devices on your PC such as a headset and DKT Tracker, or a Webcam, please unplug them.

If you are using an HTC VIVE VR headset, try the following troubleshooting methods to see if you will resolve the error message.

  • Close any Steam application that will be running on your computer. This includes the SteamVR application.
  • Unplug all the link box cables including the USB and HDMI, from your computer as well as the link box power cable from the socket
  • Wait for a couple of seconds before plugging the cables back in. Upon completion, you might see a “Drivers Installing” notification. Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Restart the SteamVR application.

If you are still receiving the same error message, contact the Virtual Reality Poker casino website’s customer care support for further assistance.

Try some of the troubleshooting suggestions below to fix the problem:

  • Ensure that you have removed the protective film that comes on your headset lenses.
  • Check if the VR device lenses are clean. If not, use the cleaning cloth provided in a small paper to wipe of any dirt from the lenses
  • Ensure that you are wearing the headset properly. If the headset is positioned too low on your face, the display may appear blurry.
  • The lenses in your VR device may fog as a result of temperature difference between the inside of your headset and your face. If your headset is too tight on your face, you may want to loosen it to allow for circulation of air. It also allows the headset’s internal fan to work properly and keep your face cool.

    Yes, it is possible. If you cannot hear people talk, your headset could be having problems with the sound output. To troubleshoot the problem, try some of the suggested solutions:
    First, ensure that your headset is on normal mode instead of standby mode. If you are using a VIVE VR device, ensure that the SteamVR application is running. After that, ensure that Windows is actually sending audio to VIVE or the volume of the HTC VIVE audio device is not set at zero.

    As a matter of fact, yes. Different VR reality devices are manufactured differently and will therefore have different ways of assembly. For an HTC VIVE device, please click here for further information and illustrations on how you should package your headset. To reconnect or assemble the device before using it, click here.

    It is normal to see the purple light on the base station when playing VR Poker. What this light means is that your base stations are trying to sync. However, when there is a blinking purple, it could be a sign that the syncing has been blocked and you’ll be required to use a sync cable. The blinking purple occurs only when you are trying to connect the base stations wirelessly.

    A sync cable is not necessary when connecting the base stations to each other when playing Virtual Reality Poker. However, if you have to use it, follow the steps below:

    • Attach the sync cable to the base stations while ensuring that you’ve route the cable outside the play area. This is to avoid any accidents which may result when playing the VR game.
    • Press the channel buttons found at the back of the base stations so that each of the base stations will be set as channel A and channel B.

    Given that the base stations transmit the information wirelessly, they may affect some of the infrared sensor devices such as the ones used by the TV remote controller. To fix this problem, try re-adjusting the angle of your base stations so that they aren’t facing your TV directly. If this does not work, you will be forced to set up the play area afresh.

    No. even though some of the status light may have the same meaning. For example, with a green light, it means that the controller is in normal mode. Other colours however will have a totally different meaning. Blinking red means that your controller’s battery is low; blinking blue means that the controller is preparing for gaming and the orange colour means that your controller is charging.

    Virtual Reality Poker games requires a Bluetooth-powered controller (gamepad). 3.0 class 2 controllers are optimized to give you a smooth VR Poker gaming experience. Such include SteelSeries for Android, Moga Pro and the Samsung EL-GP20 controller.

    No, VR Poker can only be played through Android powered devices that have been designed to be compatible with VR devices. This includes Samsung and HTC mobile phones, which are compatible with Oculus and HTC VIVE VR devices.

    While its is possible to play Virtual Reality poker games using your cellular data connection, you are strongly advised to use a WI-FI network as some of the games and file sizes may be fairly large. Additionally, some of the games and tournaments may require that you have a strong and uninterruptable internet connectivity.